Friday, January 9, 2009

Honey Granola

I've been meaning to make crockpot granola for, oh, a couple of weeks now. I was either using my crockpot for something else, had used the oats to make oatmeal, or just plain forgot to put it all in the night before (or didn't feel like it).

As I was falling asleep last night wondering what we were going to have for breakfast this morning, since we were out of flour, and I'd forgotten to ask ML to get any, and I didn't want to dig into the breakfast stash in the freezer on a morning where I had the time to actually make something, I remembered that my crockpot granola recipe was based on an oven-baked recipe that I actually preferred. Duh.

So, for breakfast this morning, we had granola. And there are leftovers for a quick breakfast another day. Hurray!

Oh, and today I added coconut and sunflower seeds as the add-ins. Meant to put in raisins after it baked, but I forgot. I'll probably put them in the rest when I store it.

• 6 C dry oatmeal (or 10 C quick-cooking oats)
• 1 C butter (2 sticks)
• 1 C honey
• 1 t cinnamon
• 1 t vanilla
• 1/2 t salt
• 1 C each nuts and dried fruit (optional)

1. Melt the butter in a saucepan over medium heat.
2. Add the honey, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. (Honey is easiest to measure in a well-oiled measuring cup, or just use a mini spatula to scrape out the measuring cup afterwards.)
3. Heat briefly with and then add the oatmeal. Stir.
4. Turn the mixture onto an ungreased cookie sheet, the kind with shallow sides; a large 9 by 13-inch pan works well, too.
5. Spread the granola out evenly and bake it at 320° for 20-25 minutes. It should be a toasty brown.
6. Now remove it from the oven and allow it to cool and crisp up right there in the pan.
7. Store it in a clean coffee can or sealed canister.
8. Add the nuts and dried fruit, if you are using them, when the granola is cool.

I use two stoneware dishes that I have, one deep dish baker and one miniature deep dish baker. A 9x12 stoneware or stoneware bar pan would probably be best.

I have found that the granola bakes best in stoneware, second best in metal and burns easily in Pyrex.

I don’t stir the granola while it is baking, and I actually pack it down into whatever I’m cooking it in. I find that it stays in “clumps” better that way, and that is how I like my granola.


Jess said...

What's the difference between dry and quick-cooking? How do I know which one I have?

mideastmom said...

Dry would be "plain" oats. Quick-cooking would generally be labeled as such. We have Quaker quick-cooking and another quick-cooking brand available here. If the oats you buy are in bulk or bagged and not labeled quick-cooking, I'd assume that they're plain.

Isn't it fun living where you just have to guess at things like this sometimes? :-P

Grateful for Grace said...

We liked this better than the crockpot granola. It was more like granola. When I make the crockpot stuff, it's really just cereal. Is that how your's is??

Thanks for this!

mideastmom said...

Yep, GfG, that's how ours turns out. I'm working my way through some apple cinnamon granola right now from this recipe (3x's the cinnamon + ~2C chopped apples), and I'm having a hard time sharing. :-P

Jess, I realized when I was working with my oats the other day that quick-cooking oats are more in pieces than plain oats. I think plain oats are whole oat flakes, if I remember correctly. Does that make sense?

Grateful for Grace said...

Hmmm... apple cinnamon, huh?
Oh, and pregnant women don't have to share anything in this house. My husband made that rule. Cinched lots of things for him. ;-)

The other granola is easier to make, but I love how this one tastes. Though, if my bar pan hadn't been broken awhile back, it might have been almost as easy. I may have also overcooked it a bit because it was hard to get off the sheet pans. I doubled the recipe for our crew. I like to have about three days worth of cereal when I make it.

Thanks for this!