Saturday, December 27, 2008

His Cunning Hat

Okay, so only fans of the entirely too short-lived TV series Firefly (which I can recommend to Sci Fi fans, minus a few certain scenes) and, specifically, the wrap-up movie Serenity, will appreciate this, but I made a special hat to put in ML's stocking this year: a Jayne Cobb Cunning Hat.

I was blessed to find a crochet pattern, since I don't have circular knitting needles, and it actually went together quite smoothly. I only had to take out the first inch or two of the body of the hat once when I determined that it was going to be too small, and I had to re-do the earflaps after he tried it on and we discovered that they were too large and actually came over the very edges of his eyes (oops; the perils of making a piece of clothing for someone without the benefit of them being able to try it on).

So, without further ado, ML in his new hat (with added background by the man himself :-):

Oh, and I had to use muted colors, because the yellows available here were too pale and the orange was too pink, but I like the way it turned out.


Grateful for Grace said...

Wow! I wish I knew the show so I could fully appreciate the hat. It sure looks cool (especially with that background!)!

HB got a bunch of knitting 'stuff' for Christmas (two sets of needles, a slide adjuster thingy [I'm pretty sure that's the technical term], yarn, patterns and a book) because she took a knitting class at co-op and loved it. I'm hoping she takes off with is because I think it's a great craft to know.

mideastmom said...

Hm, I'm not sure you'd get into the show, but ML's enjoying the hat so much he's wearing it around the house. :-)

Tell Mary, I mean HB, to enjoy her knitting! I've really been glad I picked up the skill.